What the heck do I wear to my photo-shoot!?

Outfit planning can certainly be a pain in the backside, so this is why I have comprised a list of affordable outfits (Depending on your budget of course!) for the whole fam!

PLEASE remember, neutrals ALWAYS win.

Everyone doesn't have to be matchy-matchy, but little billy in his neon green graphic shirt..... just won't work!

Moms, you'll preferably want to wear long, flowy gowns that compliment your style, and shape! A pair of nice white, or black pants and a cute blouse will work as well!

I would avoid heels, unless this is an event.

I often shoot outdoors in grass or at the beach, and well.... lets just say heels pose a problem.

Please take note, these are only suggestions.

For mom

Dress 1

Dress 2(MY FAV!)

Dress 3

For dad


Shirt- (long sleeve

Shirt(Short sleeve)

For the boys

Jumpsuit(MY fav!)

2 Piece outfit

For the girls

One piece

One piece #2

Two piece

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