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Outfit planning can certainly be a pain in the backside, so this is why I have comprised a list of affordable outfits (Depending on your budget of course!) for the whole fam!

PLEASE remember, neutrals ALWAYS win.

Everyone doesn't have to be matchy-matchy, but little billy in his neon green graphic shirt..... just won't work!

Moms, you'll preferably want to wear long, flowy gowns that compliment your style, and shape! A pair of nice white, or black pants and a cute blouse will work as well!

I would avoid heels, unless this is an event.

I often shoot outdoors in grass or at the beach, and well.... lets just say heels pose a problem.

Please take note, these are only suggestions.

For mom

Dress 1

Dress 2(MY FAV!)

Dress 3

For dad


Shirt- (long sleeve

Shirt(Short sleeve)

For the boys

Jumpsuit(MY fav!)

2 Piece outfit

For the girls

One piece

One piece #2

Two piece

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Once you are emailed your gallery link that contains your gorgeous images from your shoot with me, you should immediately download them into multiple locations for safekeeping.

I have to pay for my gallery hosting site, and have to pay to archive them after 30 days.

After 30 days, the galleries are archived.

I have a very high volume of clients that I photograph every month, so there is limited space.

It takes time to find your images in my hard-drive, upload them and then put them into the gallery site.

Sometimes, it'll take up to 2 hours.

Although sometimes frustrating, the fee is in place to ensure I am paid for my time and resources when having to upload your gallery again.

Hope this helps to better understand what a re-upload fee is!

xoxo, Casandra.


COFFEE, everyone loves it. If you don't, then this is not for you. Also, are you human? How do you function?

I am obsessed with going to Target and getting my Starbucks every single day.

Unfortunately, with the times we are in that is not the case.

I have spent weeks trying to perfect this at home and I have finally come up with an amazing recipe that'll blow your socks off. (Well, not literally)

I'm not going to write a ridiculous and long blog post, because you're just here for the coffee right?

Are you ready?

The ingredients

However many cups of cold coffee you usually use, I 100% recommend the starbucks unsweetened in your refrigerated aisle at your grocery store. P.S Dont forget your mask and gloves, people.

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tbsp or 2 of a starbucks syrup (optional, but I bought my hazelnut syrup from them, just ask)

1/4 cup of heavy cream

1/4 cup of 1% milk

A reused starbucks cup for some extra razzledazzle to pretend you're actually at Starbucks

How do I make this?

Pour your coffee and add ice, add your syrup (I have a recipe for simple syrup you can make at home below)

Combine heavy cream, and milk in a measurement cup or any cup you'd like (One that is easy to pour from)

Add vanilla extract and some simple syrup to make it sweet

Either put it in your blender until thick, or use a milk frother. Here is the one I use

Pour over your coffee and enjoy!

Simple syrup recipe-

Literally just 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar. Boil it together until dissolved, wait an hour to cool and store in your fridge.


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