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Who am I?

The start

When I was 16 I picked up a camera for the first time- At that time I wasn’t searching for a passion, a hobby or even an artistic release. From that point on my camera became all of that and more- an extension of myself. Shortly after, I was put into foster care and multiple group homes, my world turned upside down. I continued to capture images with my camera, it being my only comfort- until it was stolen while in foster care.

Years passed by, and I busted my butt and worked so hard for everything I had and in 2019, after being married and having a child- I was finally able to afford another camera. From there, my passion exploded again.

With my camera I don’t manufacture moments, I artistically and passionately capture them, turn them into art that can be enjoyed and loved for years to come. Through pain, and fear and anxiety, art was the thing that I held onto and have held onto, on a path that has helped me create stunning imagery.


202 newborn sessions to date

I love coffee

I love details

I put ketchup on everything

Hello all previous clients, future clients and potential clients! _I have been gaining suc

"I take pain and turn it into art, my life is my masterpiece"

I’m passionate about intimate, raw and real moments.

I am strong

I am resilient

I am a mother

I am a wife

I am an artist


I strive to produce incredible artistic work that wows my clients every single time. I put my all into each and every session I take on because I believe your moments should be remembered as vividly as possible.

I love to create close relationships with my clients so by the end of this we'll totally be besties! I 100% believe the reason I have a large amount of recurrent clients is because of the relationships I have with them. I also think it's because of my goofy personality and the fun time they have with me during their sessions. As my clients say "It's not just a photo session, it's always an adventure!" With everyone and their mother being a photographer, I really try and stand out from the crowd by evoking true emotion in ALL of my photos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, check out my page and consider me for your photography needs. I so look forward to working with you.

What is important to you?

-Most importantly, safety is most important to me in terms of newborn photography. Safety has to be taught for newborn poses etc and they are in the best of hands with me.

-My spunky, ball of energy 3.5yo daughter

-My art, and creative freedom

-Human rights

Your code of ethics


-Leave no trace behind (No confetti etc during photo-shoots)

-Always be kind

What are some of your favs?

The beach, sound of the waves and sand beneath my feet.

Wind, I love a windy day

Good energy from good people

Starbucks coffee,

Target because who doesn't love Target?


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