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Aquia Harbour, VA Newborn Photographer | Casandra Lorraine Photography

The Quicks home was BEAUTIFUL, and their new little member of the family, Claire was such a little muffin.

Let me tell you, these hills around Aquia Harbour will be the bane of my existence, haha! Driving around here to clients homes, I always think my transmission in my Rav4 is going to go. Thanks to Sheehy Toyota of Stafford, because my Rav is a beast and can handle it.

Claires story told by her mother -

Zack and I met back in 2019 (on tinder lol) and there was no looking back! When we were dating I could tell pretty quickly that I wanted to marry him, mainly because he had the qualities of a great future father we were engaged in October 2020, married in October 2021, and our sweet baby girl came to us in November 2022 (jeesh seems like every year we have a milestone )...

I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but difficult pregnancies run in my family so I was pretty nervous about the whole road to becoming a mother. I was diagnosed with hypermedia gravardium so I was very very sick for most of my pregnancy, I actually lost a lot of weight in the 1st/ 2nd trimester. I can definitely say it is 2 completely separate things to not enjoy being pregnant, but also be so grateful and excited that I was able to create this new little life. I started to focus on the little moments like when she would kick me and move around in my belly, instead of focusing on the negative. Thankfully there were no harmful outcomes to myself or Claire and the birth was a relatively smooth process.

Now that our sweet little girl is here, I am so so so enjoying life (I never thought there'd be a time again when I wasn't nauseous-LOL) She is just such a joy to be around. When she is awake she always has her eyes wide open, or her head held up just exploring the world around her. She makes the sweetest little chirping noises that inspired me to call her my "little birdy" and she is already starting to smile when she hears our voices. We just absolutely love being her parents and seeing her personality begin to form! We thank Casandra Lorraine for being able to capture this brief moment in time so we can cherish these sweet memories for the rest of our lives.

Aquia Harbour, Virginia Newborn Photographer

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