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Hi, Im Casandra- the professional baby snuggler over here at Casandra Lorraine Photography.

I'm also the spit up cleaner, the baby-soother, baby whisperer, baby poop-clean-up-service and occasionally a wee-pad.

Oh, I also take the photos too! You know, all of those beautiful baby images you see over on my instagram.

Babies curled up and posed to seamlessly and effortlessly, right?


There is much more that goes into JUST posing babies. I have learned through years of studying, on site mentoring with other respected newborn photographers and learning, learning and more learning-- that it isn't just SO simple.

Being a mother, you'd think I can just handle and pose babies, but much more goes into it. You need to know to look for distress signs from newborns, not to obstruct their airways while posing and much, much more.

You can't just shove a baby into a bucket, and you cant JUST wrap them. You must know how to do it not too tight, and you must know the dimensions of your bucket or prop so they aren't hanging out of it.

You must know the proper sanitization procedures, and what cleaning products to use, IF any (Steaming works as well!)

Many newer photographers are looking to learn and practice with babies, but let me tell you-- if this is you, PLEASE do in-person mentoring and do safety training FIRST. Also make sure you are licensed and insured in your state/city if required.

Babies are NOT props, they are living, breathing human beings

(A piece of padding underneath their arm so circulation isnt cut off)

The above photo, even if you can't see it-- has 5 safety measures in place.

  1. A piece of padding underneath the arm to prevent circulation being cut off

  2. Limited time in this position

  3. A hand above baby

  4. Padding in the front and bottom for legs and chest plus support on both sides

  5. A SPACE for the neck so airway is clear

Cute newborn pictures and how they are done, are much more than they seem. A lot goes into a photograph, and much time and patience.

I personally am babe-led posed which is a term I dubbed for my business, which means I NEVER force a baby into a position they don't want o be in or continually show signs of distress in.

I will immediately move baby into another pose, or modify the pose for their comfort- while also snuggling and coddling them--some may also need time to be re-fed or soothed.

I can include so much more in this article, but I will keep it short and to the point.

I care so, so deeply about my little newborn clients and their safety & If you can take anything from this, please learn as much as you can before handling newborns.

A perfect photo is amazing, but safety is NUMBER ONE.

Casandra Lorraine is a maternity, in home -mobile newborn and family photographer in the Northern Virginia area, servicing Northern Virginia, Washington D.C and beyond.

Towns include Sterling, Herndon, Fairfax, Annandale, Alexandria, Tysons Corner, Centreville, Ashburn, Reston, Arlington, Woodbridge, Stafford, Quantico, Chantilly, Manassas, Georgetown, Vienna, Aldie and plenty more.

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