Gillian | College graduate | Virginia | Mary Mount University | Casandra Lorraine Photography

Updated: May 1, 2019

Gillian will be graduating from Marymount University this year. I was contacted by her through a referral from her mothers friend! Crazy how word spreads, am I right?

Right off the bat we all hit it off. Before her session she was sent a lengthy questionnaire so I could better learn about her. We then had her consultation at a cafe to discuss wardrobe, her style, her hobbies. I basically try and learn EVERYTHING about my seniors/college seniors as I can- so I can tailor their experience to them.

How gorg is she!

This girl absolutely ROCKED her session and followed my posing directions to the T! Her sense of style is beyond amazing, not to mention she is super sweet. Her mother is equally as beautiful, and I adored her and her help during the session. During her session we had a lot to work with, including some gorgeous and fun champagne shots.

Something that was so beautiful to me was their mother and daughter tattoos. Her little bro helped with this shot by blowing wish flowers into my frame as requested by me.

I can't wait to see where life takes her, she is truly a genuine, and kind soul! Congratulations Gillian, now go wash all of that champagne off of your clothes!

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