Marine Corps Museum Photographer | Casandra Lorraine Photography | Stafford, Virginia

Event photography, Marine Corps Museum | Retirement | Promotion | TBS Graduation

"At eight years old, my son Garrett decided he wanted to be a Marine when he grew up. My Step Dad was a Marine and because of that, I became a Marine as well. In addition to that, I am adopted and I was told growing up that my biological Dad was a Marine. I finally found him in April of this year. So over the last few months plans were made so all three generations could be together to take once in a life time photos. Greg only got to meet Garrett two days ago before he graduated from TBS. Here is Greg, 76. Eric, 56 and Garrett, 24. Garrett is the first officer in our family."

Garretts grandfather is shown passing on EGA's that were worn by Gregs cousin who fought in WW2 and Korea. It was such an honor to witness this.

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