Alexandria, Virginia Mobile Newborn Photography Session | Casandra Lorraine Photography

This session was absolutely precious, not only were the parents present for this newborn session, but BOTH sets of grandparents as well. How sweet is that?

As soon as I stepped inside their beautiful Alexandria home, I could feel all the love that this family had for this sweet little baby girl.

I took the roll call, and the entire family was present and ready for action! We did family shots first, and had everyone come down in small groups to prevent crowding.

Look at those photos and tell me you aren’t suddenly overcome with a sense of love and fuzzy warmness?!

Their outfits were just perfect for my neutral colored backdrop, and the grandparent images were my most favorite. I feel it is so special to have these images, and to include the grandparents.

The whole family posing went quick, and seamless with my guided posing and we were done with everyone within 20 minutes.

Once we were done with family, we moved onto the good stuff.

Newborn pictures!

Now wait, before I show you this-- you may be overcome with a warm, tingly sensation and your hand may cover your mouth. Look how cute and chunky this little one is. I couldn't contain myself.

Mom is a huge fan of neutrals, as am I. I actually had the pleasure of viewing her nursery, and guys it was beautiful, boho galore.

I paired my famous floral bucket with gorgeous neutral toned flowers that complemented the background and tones nicely.

Don't forget the sweet toes!