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Newborn Safety

Newborn safety is of utmost importance. I have plenty of experience handling newborns, and even though I'm a mom myself- when I first started, there was a lot I did NOT know.

There are certain things you need to be trained on how to do, and what positions you can and cannot put baby in. There is a lot that goes into newborn safety and after years of busting my tail learning all the ins and outs, and I very confident in my work, and very confident in handling my clients newborns!

Here are a few things to consider when booking with me.

  • Before each session, and after each session, each item has to be sanitized.

  • Wood props, buckets etc will be sprayed and wiped down with a sanitizing product, and then steamed.

  • Delicate knits, bonnets etc are soaked in free and clear and hand washed

  • My assistant and I both wash hands, and wear masks during the session, and get temperature checks before the session.


  • Photographer is trained to look for cues of distress from the newborn.

  • If the newborn is upset when in a pose, photographer will not force baby into position and will try a new pose.

  • Photographer is a proponent of baby-led posing.

No matter how many likes or shares a newborn photographer might wrack up on Pinterest, or social media, or even how amazing an image might look on the wall, safety needs to come first.