All about your session

Stafford family photographer

When life gives you a tool, you use that tool to create.

My camera is my tool, and my creation is art.

When you start your session with me, be prepared to listen to my corny jokes, and have fun with my amazing prompts to get the whole family loosened up for those amazing, genuinely real moments. My favorite part of sessions are playing peek-a-boo, and throwing rocks etc with your children.

I will be there to capture it all. 

My clients describe me as very patient, emotive, and creative. I am a HUGE fan of beautiful, golden light, and I use the light in a very particular way, and as soon as someone sees my work(without even knowing it was mine while scrolling)- they just know it was mine, by the way I use light, and the vibrant colors- the emotions in my images.

I know many locations around the Northern Virginia area, but I have a special few locations that I use as well, because I know the lighting, the area and where to place my subjects for the best images possible.

I strive for every client to leave their session feeling like it wasn't "Just a photography session"

I want my clients to leave feeling like they just had a day out with their kids, a fun and bonding moment for the entire family.