Your family will constantly change, but your photos are forever

Remember when your son had that cute little baby smirk that lit up the WHOLE entire world with those two little fresh baby teeth? The drool, that smile, those giggles!

Remember when your daughter had those two not-so-full ponytails that could barely hold the hair elastic?

The funny way they ran with their chubby little thighs at that age?

I'm here to capture everything, because the little details of your family matter the most to me. 

Im here to capture the laughs, the tickles, the funny sass your two, or three or... (lets face it- ALL the ages) years old gives you! I'm not here to just pose you and be done with it. That's not what families are about. I really try and focus on a high quality experience, and high quality photos- over quantity.

Let's capture what your family is like, through my lens, made into art.

Let's face it, not all families are perfect, and little sally may be acting like a true three-nager, but I always strive to create picture perfect memories of your family even if tantrums and meltdowns are present. I capture raw, real and genuine moments of your family and no one will ever know about all the tantrums and bribes along the way.

Lets get the sillies out!

I feel it is so important to act silly with your children to help capture their innocence. Lets play with sticks, run around and capture their little personalities! 

Direction is super important!

I am incredibly awkward when I have photos taken of myself, ya girl needs all the direction. I will make sure you know where to put your hands, and give fun prompts to create amazing, real portraits.