What to expect when shooting with me

My work is natural and genuine. Therefore, imperfect and real. There’s beauty there, I promise and I can prove it. Are you wanting perfectly posed images? Then I’m not your girl. My goal is to let real happen, and my work includes and even celebrates imperfections. Documenting the everyday is my true passion. 

I will encourage you to play, to engage and to love on your people and I also include fun prompts to loosen things up to let real emotions happen. Anything to make you forget me and relax into a normal interaction. You can expect an organic flow to your session. I will guide you through natural poses, and to do real things. 

I am driven by real moments. The most beautiful interactions are subtle and fleeting, my goal is the catch just a few. 

I adore stories, let’s tell yours. A story can just be a simple routine or tradition- like game night, bedtime routines, or Saturday mornings. Or a story can be deeper- like how you met your person, or why you do what you do.

When life gives you a tool, you use that tool to create.

My camera is my tool, and my creation is art.

When you start your session with me, be prepared to listen to my corny jokes, and have fun with my amazing prompts to get the whole family loosened up for those amazing, genuinely real moments. My favorite part of sessions are playing peek-a-boo, and throwing rocks etc with your children.

I will be there to capture it all. 

My clients describe me as very patient, emotive, and creative. I am a HUGE fan of beautiful, golden light, and I use the light in a very particular way, and as soon as someone sees my work(without even knowing it was mine while scrolling)- they just know it was mine, by the way I use light, and the vibrant colors- the emotions in my images.

I know many locations around the Northern Virginia area, but I have a special few locations that I use as well, because I know the lighting, the area and where to place my subjects for the best images possible.

I strive for every client to leave their session feeling like it wasn't "Just a photography session"

I want my clients to leave feeling like they just had a day out with their kids, a fun and bonding moment for the entire family.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" 

What to wear

If you wear simple tones, you are more likely to be the sole subject of an image. My work is all about interactions. Loud patterns or clothing completely detract from that. I want your images to represent you and your loved ones truly and simply. So by dressing you + your people in solids or pleasant (simple) patterns, you’re allowing me to do my job in a better way.

-Neutrals always win!

Keep in mind these are all guidelines. My bottom line is that I want you to feel like yourself and comfortable. I can make most anything work- bright colors can really pop if they aren’t clashing, loud patterns can be a solid statement if they work together. There is always the exception to the rule. I just want you to have access to my thoughts and style when it comes to choosing outfits for your session. These are just a few tips if you’re looking for them!

The keywords to take away with you are simple, neutral, comfortable. And don’t overthink it. Casual is best, simple is best. We’re going to do great things!


The importance of time

Time is super important to me. Time is something we will never get back. Being a photographer, time means something entirely different to me in terms of lighting. Lighting is SUPER important to the state of my images. I will often have a client come 30 minutes to an hour before their session wanting to shoot right when they arrive. Early is great, but not in this case. When you arrive 30 minutes to an hour early, the sun is not right where I want it to be yet to get those perfectly times, gorgeous, golden lit images I always strive for. Please keep in mind your session time means something. It is not just a random time thrown at you. It is perfectly placed so you will have amazing images. So please, please arrive at your scheduled time or 5-10 minutes early to ensure you are on time, but never 30 minutes to an hour early! I have your best interests in mind, trust me!