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I have heard time and time again that newborn sessions and newborn photo-shoots are expensive and outrageous.

As a newborn photographer I am disheartened to read all of the comments on mom groups about every newborn photographer they find are way too expensive at $200-300 and up.

Time and time again I see posted in mom groups "Recommendations for newborn photographers who wont break the bank, who are reasonably priced, who are less than $200"

Most often they always message me, and then stop replying once I send my pricing information. This not only happens to me, but many newborn photographers all over the world.

It's time to discuss why newborn photographers are so expensive.

It all comes down to quality of what you are purchasing

I charge what I charge because of my experience, safety training, my knowledge, the time and effort I put into sessions- and the very high quality of props I use.

I am also insured, licensed and have spent these last two years fully investing my time into this craft, educating myself very heavily and immersing myself into the world of newborn photography.

Countless hours of studying, practicing, spending time away from my family. All so I can provide quality images to my clients.


When you hire someone to handle your precious newborn, know who you are hiring. Your baby deserves the absolute best, and at the very least, to be safe!

There is a price to have to pay for a photographer who truly knows how to handle, hold and pose your newborn baby. Newborn safety is extremely important and its very common to see new people jumping right into newborn photography with super low prices who deliver subpar images and are not knowledgeable on handling newborn babies. I have heard very many stories of unfortunate mishaps.


Not every photographer knows how to photograph babies, and not everyone with a "professional camera" knows how to capture quality images.

Just because Burger King and Taco bell are both food industries, does not mean you can go to Taco Bell and ask for a burger to be made. This is the same with photography.

I would LOVE to offer boudoir to my clients, but unfortunately I do not have to right training to provide quality boudoir photos or a quality experience to my clients, so I refer boudoir inquiries out.

As a newborn photographer I have taken many online safety courses, have bought posing guides, have done mentoring programs, lighting programs- to be able to provide the best for my clients and provide an exceptional experience.

Low cost quality VS high quality

When I first started my journey I charged very, very low prices.

This was when I first started.

Vs now

My editing is better, my lighting is better, my props are high quality , I provide an amazing experience to my clients because I know what I am doing; because I took the time to learn and invest in myself, so I can provide an outstanding product.

The bottom line is, the memory of bad quality lasts longer than the shock of high prices. Photography is an investment, and that investment becomes so much more valuable over time. Hiring a professional the first time around ensures you will have quality memories to look back on year after year.

If you ever have any questions about your newborn session with me, i'm always happy to answer! :)

Casandra Lorraine Photography is a mobile newborn photographer in Northern Virginia.


When My daughter was born, I wasn't fully understanding of how pictures were so important.

Now almost 3 years later, I still cry because I didnt get professional photos done of her. My husband also believed we didnt need them!

I have no pictures of her tiny little features, or her so sweetly wrapped up with cute little props.

I have no photos to look back on and reminisce. I totally thought phone photos would suffice.



3 Years later and I realized I was terribly, terribly wrong. I studied pretty hard on how to do these composites, so I took a crack at it for my own daughters photos.

I put her face into a composite this week and I think it's the cutest thing ever.

Does it make up for real, true newborn photos done with a professional camera to capture every little detail? Is the composite perfect?

Absolutely not.

Honestly, my next child is getting every photo possible.

I'm talking, announcement, gender reveal, birth, fresh 48, newborn and every single milestone in-between.

Casandra Lorraine Photography is a newborn, maternity and family photographer located in Northern Virginia and services many areas including Fredericksburg, Woodbridge, Stafford, Alexandria, Washington D.C and beyond.


Outfit planning can certainly be a pain in the backside, so this is why I have comprised a list of affordable outfits (Depending on your budget of course!) for the whole fam!

PLEASE remember, neutrals ALWAYS win.

Everyone doesn't have to be matchy-matchy, but little billy in his neon green graphic shirt..... just won't work!

Moms, you'll preferably want to wear long, flowy gowns that compliment your style, and shape! A pair of nice white, or black pants and a cute blouse will work as well!

I would avoid heels, unless this is an event.

I often shoot outdoors in grass or at the beach, and well.... lets just say heels pose a problem.

Please take note, these are only suggestions.

For mom

Dress 1

Dress 2(MY FAV!)

Dress 3

For dad


Shirt- (long sleeve

Shirt(Short sleeve)

For the boys

Jumpsuit(MY fav!)

2 Piece outfit

For the girls

One piece

One piece #2

Two piece


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Northern Virginia photographer Casandra Lorraine provides family photography, child photography, baby photography, in-home lifestyle newborn photography, posed newborn photography on-location in Northern Virginia, and throughout the Washington DC metro.  An accomplished Stafford, Virginia baby, child, family and newborn photographer, Casandra Lorraine is known for gorgeous studio and natural lighting, beautiful color and clarity, genuine emotional connection and a relaxed approach tailor-made to suit her individual clients. Casandra's attention to detail and emphasis on quality make her one of the most sought-after photographers in the Northern Virginia area.  She is a leading family, newborn and maternity in the Stafford, VA and Washington DC area, and serves many clients in Stafford, Quantico, Woodbridge, Falls church, Alexandria, Occoquan, and surrounding areas.